Freelancing as a Career

Freelancing as a Career

Once you have decided that freelancing as a career is right for you, there are several more decisions to make. The first decision is what you want to offer as a product of service. There are two schools of thought in this area. The first school of thought is “do what you love.” The second school of thought is “do what makes you money.”

Do What You Love

Many people follow the freelancing philosophy that you should do what you love. Find a hobby or even a current career that brings you joy and then offer it as a product or service to others. For example, my friend is way into photography as a hobby. Her career is dental hygienist; however, she takes wedding pictures as a side hustle. Because she is talented, she is starting to see a real demand for her services. Slowly, her side hustle is gaining enough to replace her current career income. Another example might be if you are a computer nerd who loves to set up Word Press websites. You can offer this as a service to others. This is another scenario that is easy to start on the side and then allow the demand and the money to determine when you want to replace your job.

Do What Makes You Money

Another school of thought is to keep the things you love for your free time. When you begin freelancing you might need to hustle hard to get things going. Some people find this causes burnout and are disappointed to find that they no longer enjoy the things they used to. Instead, find what is most lucrative and do that. This might require you to learn something new, but may payoff in the long run. For example, you may have never thought about affiliate marketing opportunities. You might wrinkle your nose at being involved in sales. The truth is that EVERYTHING we do involves sales of some sort. You sale people on the idea of something daily.

Can Freelancing as a Career be a Combination of both Philosophies?

Absolutely, this is the situation I found myself in. I have been a high school teacher for a very long time. I love what I do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pay the bills and eventually, I want to retire. How did I turn teaching into freelancing? Well honestly, there are a lot of ways I could do it, but I combined it with something I didn’t originally know much about and that was affiliate marketing. I am currently teaching other people about affiliate marketing and I really enjoy it. Equally important is the fact that I now have hope for retiring and keeping up my lifestyle.

Answer the Questions and Take Action

So now you have some questions to answer. As you walk through this process, I would really encourage you to check out this training. It walks you through questions like this and gets you started in the right direction.

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